Volunteering for Rosh Pina is a lot of fun and a great way to give back to the community. We are a small minyan, and every person who volunteers makes a big difference. This includes those who hold the regular volunteer roles underlined below, as well as everyone who helps out with our services and events throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining a committee or volunteering for Rosh Pina in any way that you don’t see listed below, please email info@roshpinadc.org.

The Vaad
As Rosh Pina’s leadership committee, the Vaad works closely with all of our volunteers to ensure the minyan continues to grow and provide strong spiritual and social programming for the community. If you have any questions about Rosh Pina or if you would like to offer comments or constructive criticism, please contact the Vaad. You can contact all four members of the Vaad by emailing info@roshpinadc.org , or reach Vaad members separately here:
Daniel Chudnow                     Daniel@roshpinadc.org
Hannah Weiss                          Hannah@roshpinadc.org
Samantha Zenlea                   Samantha@roshpinadc.org

Gabbai Committee
The Gabbai Committee (Deborah Backman, Sam Blass, Scott Greenberg, Viva Hammer, Donna Iken, and Seth Deneroff) is responsible for coordinating leining and davening for our Shabbat morning services, and ensuring that services run smoothly. If you are interested in leining or leading davening, or if you have questions or comments about our services, please email the gabbais at gabbais@roshpinadc.org. If you would like to learn how to lead davening, please email learntolead@roshpinadc.org to be set up with someone who can help you learn, or to be directed towards other useful resources.

Kiddush Committee
The Kiddush Committee (Mark Nathanson, Shayna Weiss, Stephan Kallus, Ben Fleisher, and Debbie Kobrin) orders our kiddush food and supplies, and deals with preparation, set up, and cleanup on Shabbat mornings. They are always happy to accept help with set up and clean up from additional volunteers! If you would like to sponsor a kiddush, or if you have any kiddush related questions or concerns, please email the committee at kiddush@roshpinadc.org. For more information on kiddush sponsorship, please click here.

Hospitality Committee
If you are visiting DC, are new to the community, or just don’t have Shabbat meal plans for this week, you are encouraged to contact our Hospitality Committee, Ilana Huz and Michal Gross, at hospitality@roshpinadc.org. Please also do not hesitate to let them know if you are interested in hosting guests through hospitality.

Dvar Torah Coordinator
Our Shabbat morning services include a short Dvar Torah given by a community member. If you are interested in giving a Dvar Torah on Shabbat morning, please feel free to email our Dvar Torah Coordinator, Lindsay Goldman, at dvartorah@roshpinadc.org.

Friday Night Coordinator
Friday night services take place approximately once per month, and are organized by our Friday Night Coordinator, Jael Goldstein. Please reach out to Jael at fridaynight@roshpinadc.org if you are interested in leading Kabbalat Shabbat or Maariv on Friday nights, or if you would otherwise like to help out with these services.

 Announcements Coordinator
Our Announcements Coordinator, Elliot Meiteles, is responsible for ensuring that Rosh Pina’s weekly emails to our subscribers include everything we have going on within the minyan, as well as selected general interest community announcements. To have an announcement included in the email (or to contribute a Recipe of the Week!) please email Elliot at announcements@roshpinadc.org. To sign up for our weekly emails, please see our home page.

Children’s Programming
Children’s Programming takes place from approximately 10:30 to 11:30 on every Shabbat Morning that we meet and is led by Jackie Subar. Questions about children’s programming can be directed to Jackie at kids@roshpinadc.org.

Learning Coordinator
Our learning events such as scholars in residence are organized by our Learning Coordinator, Chanie Bin-Nun. If you have an idea for a learning event or you are interested in helping out with one, Chanie can be reached at learning@roshpinadc.org.

Rosh Pina’s finances and various administrative duties are managed by our Treasurer, Colin Berkley.