November 8 – Scholar-in-Residence Sara Labaton

Join Rosh Pina on Shabbat morning, November 8, for a Lunch and Learn with scholar-in-residence Sara Labaton. Sara is currently completing a doctorate in Jewish Studies at NYU.  Her research focuses on Abraham ibn Ezra’s interpretation of the Tabernacle and cultic sacrifice and the use of esotericism in his biblical commentaries.  Sara was one of the founding faculty members of Yeshivat Hadar and currently lives on the Jersey Shore with her family. Sara will be teaching on “Conflict between Ritual and Ethics in Jewish Texts and Thought.”

As modern Jews, we often struggle with achieving balance between our ritual lives and our ethical lives. The question of how these two core components of Judaism relate to one another is not a new one. In fact, the Bible itself presents numerous possibilities for understanding the complex relationship between rituals and ethics. Please join us as we examine different biblical and post-biblical perspectives on the role of ritual and ethics in Judaism. From the prophet Amos to the Talmud and from Nahmanides to Chacham Ovadia Yosef, we will grapple with this age-old problem and think about the ways it resonates for us today.

Sara will also give a d’var torah during davening.

Parents! We will be providing free baby-sitting during the lunch and learn. Email the vaad to sign your kids up.

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 4. We have reached capacity. We will no longer be accepting registration for lunch.